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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,



Welcome to the 2016 -2017 school year. Thank you for choosing Catholic education and St. John the Baptist School. In this ever changing world, I believe there is this constant – the importance of our faith and the education of our children. Children need the opportunity to grow academically and spiritually so they can become well-rounded individuals. 


St. John the Baptist School is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith and our belief in God is the heart of Catholic education. We are a faith filled community and as such treat one another with love, respect, kindness and consideration. We strive to live our Catholic faith and values throughout each day. Instruction in our faith, participation in liturgy and daily prayer helps us to deepen our faith and walk in the way of the Lord.


St. John’s School is committed to the education of all our students. The children of today are our future, and we, as parents and educators, need to guide and prepare our children to be the adults of tomorrow. High academic standards, a hallmark of Catholic education, mean that our students are challenged intellectually. We expect our students to work to their personal best and strive for excellence in all they do. We encourage them to become aware of their responsibility as citizens and protectors of our environment.  Together we share the responsibility of passing on the rich heritage of our Catholic faith and providing the educational excellence each child deserves.


You are the primary educator of your child academically, socially and behaviorally. Your investment of time and your participation in school activities are an indication of the value you have placed in your child’s education. You set a marvelous example for your children, for the parish and the surrounding community. We the faculty, staff and administration of St. John the Baptist Catholic School are here to assist you in that role. Please remember: no situation is perfect; problems may sometimes occur. No concern is unimportant to us. Should you encounter a problem please take the time to discuss it with your child’s teacher or myself as soon as possible.  Doing this prevents tension and hard feelings from developing. We will make every effort to be sensitive to the situation and keep such circumstances in the strictest confidence if desired.


Dates, policies and procedures that relate to our school family are found in the Calendar handbook for your information. Please call the school office at (716) 937-9483 if I can be of any assistance to you.


I look forward to an exciting school year! Our motto is:  ~A Foundation for Success…A Foundation for Life~ together we continue to spread the word of the wonderful things that are happening at St. John’s School. We have so very much to be proud of.  Together we can accomplish great things!



God bless you!

Ms. Marilynn Camp