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Tuition & Fees

We are blessed to have a long tradition of Catholic Education with St. John the Baptist School, dating back over 100 years! Our mission is, as it has been through the decades, to provide a High Quality Academic Education within a Catholic Environment. Indeed we have a precious gift to our children in Alden and the surrounding communities in our school!     

 2018-2019 Tuition & Fee Policy  PDF

In addition to the stated tuition and fees, thirty (30) hours of active participation in school fundraising and/or other designated activities are expected of each family in grades K-8 and ten (10) hours for families in Pre-K. This involvement in school activities is not only a service to the school, but also helps to foster a sense of community among the parents. Should a family choose not to participate in this service requirement, a $300 non-activity fee for K-8 families and $100 non-activity fee for Pre-K families will be added to the tuition charge in June. Families who complete less than the required hours will be billed for the remaining balance of their hours in June.