Gertrude Hawk School Candy Bar Sale

Gertrude Hawk School Candy Bar Sale

Hi families!

Our candy bar sale runs until the 2nd week of November. This is one of our BIGGEST fundraisers for the HSA and our school. I’d like to share some details with you about this fundraiser:

  • Each family is asked to sell 2 carriers for HSA PER student
  • 8th Graders are asked to sell 12 carriers each, 2 for HSA and 10 for their class trip
  • Families with 8th graders that sell more than their required amount can decide if they would like it to go toward the class trip fund or the HSA (If you chose the class trip you will not be entered into the contest through the HSA)
  • We do hold a contest with 3 prizes for the top three families that sell candy bars-any boxes sold over your minimum for HSA (or 8th Grade Class Trip) can be entered
  • Each student has brought home the minimum 2 carriers
  • You CAN sign more out and are encouraged to do so, HOWEVER, we request that you turn in money from the previous boxes before signing more out.
  • This sale will run for 8 weeks ending the middle of Nov (or sooner if we run out of chocolate)
  • Mass Slots and hopefully Bank of Alden Slots will be scheduled soon and posted for those looking for places to sell!
  • Every box sold counts as a volunteer hour for you (so sell many!)
  • Every hour at a Mass slot or bank slot counts toward your volunteer hours
  • The price of the candy bars is going up, therefore we placed one big order for the 2021 sale. Please keep this in mind for next year, if we want to stick with this same great chocolate we will have to adjust our prices ($2 each or 3 for $5)

Thank you all for kicking off the school year with this fundraiser! Thank you to all of the families that helped us sort candy bars the past two days! It was a labor of love (and a good work out)! To get ALL of these awesome flavors we order them and make our own variety carriers!

If anyone has any questions you can message me or text Rita at 585-230-4221 or contact Miss Sarah at school!

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