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Welcome to St. John the Baptist School

in Alden, NY - A Small Catholic School for Students in Pre-K 3 through 8th Grade

We are... "Where Small Can Make A Big Difference!"

Now more than ever, our world needs good people. In these ever-changing times, we believe there is a constant which drives us – our love for humanity. That love is at the heart of our Catholic faith, and at St. John's, it's at the very center of how we work together with our families, parish and community in the education of our children. Children flourish in the opportunity to grow academically and spiritually; where they can become truly good and well-rounded individuals! We believe our small classes, loving and innovative teachers and home-like classrooms provide the perfect environment to do just that.


St. John the Baptist School is deeply rooted in the Catholic Faith and in our belief that God is the heart of Catholic Education. We are a Faith-filled community and treat one another with love, respect, kindness and consideration. Within our curriculum, we strive to live our Catholic faith and values throughout each day, leading by example. Instruction in our faith, participation in Liturgy and daily prayer help us to deepen our relationship with God and walk in the way of the Lord. 


Our children are a part of this community and grow within it. As part of this larger community, St. John’s School is committed to the education of all our students. The children of today are our future, and we, as parents and educators, are tasked in guiding and preparing our children to be the adults of tomorrow. High academic standards, a hallmark of Catholic education, mean that our students are challenged intellectually - we expect our students to work to their personal best and strive for excellence in all they do! We also encourage them to become aware of their responsibility as citizens of our community, protectors of our environment and brave leaders who stand up for what is right. Together we share the responsibility of passing on the rich heritage of our Catholic faith in a balanced curriculum, and providing the educational excellence each child deserves. 

You are the primary educator of your child; academically, socially and behaviorally. Your investment of time and your participation in school activities are an indication of the value you have placed in your child’s education. You set a marvelous example for your children, for the parish and the surrounding community. We the faculty, staff and administration of St. John the Baptist Catholic School are here to assist you in that role.
Let's talk about the many ways our small school can make a difference for your family!

As the rapidly changing situation affected schools, you may already know that all school buildings in Erie County closed the week of March 17th. Yet, learning did not stop! Our dedicated staff quickly developed an interactive plan to support our Families and our Students in "At Home Instruction" for the remainder of the year.

While this year has been unprecedented in our generation, and may feel overwhelming, we want you to know that we are here for you, and want to help the best we can over the summer as we prepare for the coming school year. Please let us know what you need and how we can help.

Until we receive specific guidelines from the State on the details of what we are required to do in regards to re-opening the building for instruction this Fall, we cannot roll out any specific or concrete plan. Rest assured that our "Re-opening Task Force" is hard at work, constructing a framework that could apply within the many scenarios that could present themselves, to make sure we are in a good place to move forward when the time comes! We are currently considering many options for a hybrid "In-Building" AND "At-Home" blended Classroom, to make sure all of our Families continue to have a safe choice.

As we are planning, we'd love your input in our "School Re-opening Survey", to better understand your concerns and family perspectives, to help in determining the safe plan and priorities for instruction in September. Our Re-Opening Task Force very much appreciates your time and ideas! Find the survey here.

Our Facebook Page will highlight many ideas, inspirations, resources and connections in the coming months.

Also, if you are an actively enrolled family, please keep watch (or join!) our St. John the Baptist Alden Home School Association (HSA) Facebook group, for more ways to stay involved, up-to-date and support one another as we face this challenge together. We LOVE our School Family!

We ask that you pray for all those immediately involved in making these difficult decisions, for those Families immediately affected by the virus, and for the overall health and safety of our Community.

Awesome Art!

Our Primary Grade's "At Home Art Show"