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Welcome, Parents!

This section will provide you with necessary information, communication hotspots, and forms, all pertaining to many of the programs and needs for your Student here at St. John's. We hope you find this section resourceful and comprehensive.

At Home Instruction Resources

More Details Coming Soon


Click for the 2019-20 "Year At A Glance" Calendar*

(*Monthly Calendars are below, these will be the most accurate!)

Calendar Coming Soon


The "Blue Family Folder" (BFF) is a bi-weekly communication sent home with your child that contains important and timely information on upcoming events and necessary forms.  We encourage you to look at this on the day it comes home, if possible.  Each side is labeled to see what is coming home as information only and what is needed to be signed and conveniently returned back to the office in the folder. Please return your folder to school as soon as possible. 

Mrs. Johnson's Principal Newsletters
can also be found in the BFF below. 

Panther PulseEmail - Families should also be receiving this convenient, weekly email communication pertaining to just the coming week's events and necessary information. If you are not receiving this email (check your spam filters!), please send the Office your email address for us to add.  Any family member of an enrolled Student (parents, grandparents, etc), School Faculty and Board and School Alumni are all welcome to receive this. 

Want to know what's happening in the Parish? Church Bulletins can be found on the St. John the Baptist Parish website). 


2019-20 Student Handbook

Home to School Note
(used to communicate from home to the office - changes in pickup, designating money sent in, sick note, etc)


Health Information and Forms

Wellness Policy

Authorization for Administration of Medication in School
(used when a child needs a regular daily medication administered by the office/Nurse or even a one-time dose)

Student Physical Form*
(see below to determine if you need to supply a physical to the Office)

Student Health History Form

Dental Health Certificate (Optional)

Immunization Form

Immunization Requirements for Grades 6-8th

*An Updated Physical is REQUIRED for any Student: 
 - Entering Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grades 1, 3, 5, or 7 
 - Annually for participation in any interscholastic sport 
 - As required by CPSE/CSE 


Flu Information

Flu - Dept of Health Key Facts and Overview
Know the Symptoms of the Flu
Flu Symptoms Checklist
The Difference between a Cold and The Flu

Seasonal Flu Guide for Parents
Another Flu Guide for Parents
CDC Information about Coronavirus
CDC - "Help Stop the Spread of Germs" Poster

Registration and Transportation Forms can be found under their own headers below.

Tuition Information and Registration Forms

Tuition Information
Find more information about our affordable Tuition Rates at the links below or visit our FACTS Tuition Management Page for more info.

2020-21 Tuition Rates

FACTS Tuition Management

Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs

New Families 


While an investment in tuition adds to the family budget, we hope you will find that the quality education and integrated Faith Formation your child(ren) receives at St. John's is well worth the financial sacrifice. Please call us with any questions or to schedule a Tour of our School or Shadow Day!

Current Families 


GREAT NEWS! If you're a current family that re-registers your child(ren) before February 28th, 2020, the registration fee is waived! If you re-register your child(ren) after March, a (non-refundable) $45.00 registration fee for each child (Pre-K through Grade 8), must accompany the form below. Please enclose cash, check, or money order, payable to "St. John’s School" in a sealed envelope and return to the school office with this form. Thank you! Early registration helps us plan for the correct amount of textbooks and technology for next year and gives us time to obtain any district-specific resources for your child. This is SO very helpful! 


Registration Forms

Start Here: Important Registration/Financial Aid Information, Due Dates and Guidelines

Once we've registered, what else do we need to do?

Registration Form (New Family)
Re-Registration Form (Current Family)
Textbook Loan Form

Internet Policy Agreement
Chrome Book Use Agreement

Bus Transportation to Private School Forms


Bus Transportation 

District Bus Transportation Request Forms 

Busing is available within a 15 mile radius from your home to our school unless otherwise indicated by your school district. **IMPORTANT**Every student needs one of these forms on file in their school district. Even if your child will not be taking the bus to school, you must fill out this form to indicate your intention to drive them yourself and not use the bus transportation! 

2020-21 School Year

Akron Central School District

Transportation Request to Private School Form (DEADLINE: April 1, or within thirty (30) days of moving into the District)

Transportation Information Page Link 

Calendar of School Days/Holidays*** 

Alden Central School District

Transportation Request to Private School Form (DEADLINE: April 1)

Transportation Department Page Link 

Calendar of School Days/Holidays*** 

Alexander Central School District

Transportation Request to Private School Form (DEADLINE: April 1)

Transportation Information Page Link 

Main School Page to find Calendar of School Days/Holidays*** 

Attica Central School District

Transportation Request to Private School Form (DEADLINE: April 1)

Transportation Information Page Link 

Calendar of School Days/Holidays*** 

Clarence Central School District

Clarence Transportation Form (Online Document submission) (DEADLINE: April 1st)

Transportation Information Page Link 

Depew School District 

Transportation Request to Private School Form (DEADLINE: April 1)

Transportation Information Page Link 

Main School Page to find Calendar of School Days/Holidays*** 

roquois Central School District

Transportation Request to Private School Form (DEADLINE: April 1, or within thirty (30) days of moving into the District)

Transportation Information Page Link 

Calendar of School Days/Holidays*** 

Lancaster Central School District

Transportation Request to Private School Form (DEADLINE: April 1)

Transportation Information Page Link 

Calendar of School Days/Holidays*** 

Pembroke Central School District

Transportation Request to Private School Form (DEADLINE: April 1)

Transportation Information Page Link 

Calendar of School Days/Holidays*** 

***Please be advised that the Calendar links are listed for your convenience, to more easily find the days busing may/may not be available for your child(ren). We will not provide notice when your district will not be in session, so we strongly recommend that you always double check to know when your child(ren) will need transportation on days your district will not supply it. Thank you! 


Uniform Policy 

Students are expected to be in complete and proper uniform each school day. This is just one of the ways that both parents and the school teach students the importance of following school rules and developing responsibility in each child. Please see the Full Policy below for specific details and our rules regarding details and also our policy on compliance.   

Uniform Policy Reference Guide

Dress Uniforms
 are worn Wednesday-Friday, and the specifics are outlined in the policy above and can be seen in the guides below. New Dress Uniform pieces can be purchased at Flynn O'Hara by ordering online to ship to your home. Some items (girls' skirts and jumpers) can only be purchased through this store or found at our Used Uniform Swap in August (ask the Office about used uniform pieces!). Other pieces - dress shirts, polo shirts, belts, ties, socks, shoes, navy pants - can be purchased at any store (popular places to find uniform pieces are Target, Wal-Mart, Lands' End, French Toast, Amazon, JC Penney, Old Navy, The Children's Place) as long as they are of the specific kind (see the full policy for kinds of collars, # of buttons, no cargo pants, etc). 

NOTE! Pre-K 3 and 4 Students do not wear uniforms, but should be sent in sneakers every day. Kindergarten Students DO wear uniforms, but can also wear sneakers any day of the week.

Gym Uniforms
 are worn Monday and Tuesday, and the pieces can only be ordered through the school or Flynn O'Hara.

Gym Uniform Reference Guide 

Gym Uniform Order Form

Dress Uniform Quick Reference Guides (click on each for a larger image)

Financial Aid and Scholarships

It is our belief at St. John the Baptist School that no child should be denied a Catholic School education due to financial difficulties. Therefore, we encourage you to talk with our Principal, Mrs. Jonna Johnson or with our Pastoral Administrator, Deborah Brown (at the Rectory) about your Family's personal needs. All tuition matters are kept extremely confidential. 

The "Friends of St. John’s"  Fund

"Friends of St. John's" is a fund that our Parish, School and Community contribute to throughout the year to assist with tuition expenses for K-8th Grades. 

Interested in donating to this fund? Please visit our  Online Donation Page. THANK YOU for your support!

To apply for tuition assistance through the Friends of St. John's, please submit a hand-written letter to request consideration for the coming school year. The letter must be received by April, 2020. Please send this letter to the School Office, c/o Principal Jonna Johnson.  

**Important!** We ask that if you are a Family that wishes to appeal to Friends of St. John's for assistance or apply for any of our Scholarships for the upcoming year (below), that you first show that you have applied to the Bison Fund.You do not need to have received funds to qualify for these other sources of aid, only that you have applied. Thank you!! 

The Bison Fund

The BISON Scholarship Fund is a privately funded partial tuition assistance program for low-income children living in the eight counties of Western New York: Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Wyoming and Orleans. Families awarded a BISON scholarship are able to send their K-8 grade child to the private or Catholic school of their choice. Assistance is awarded by an annual lottery drawing each May. Awards are based solely on need; they are not academic or race-based scholarships. Applications for the next school year will be available in the beginning of January on the Bison Fund website. In order to process your application more efficiently, please do not submit application to the school. If you have questions or need more information, Contact Cindy McDonald at 716-854-0869. 

New Families:
New Applicant Key Dates/ Deadlines (new School year dates will be posted as soon as they are available)

January 1 – February 28, 2020:  New Applicant Pre-Application Form for 2020-21 school year available. 

March 1, 2020:  Lottery drawing to award new scholarships, families selected will be notified by email with a link to fill out the full online application.  Families waitlisted will also be notified by email. 

April 30, 2020:  Deadline for new awardees to complete the full online application. Awards are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. 

May 1, 2020: Awards will begin to be issued and families will be notified of scholarship amount. 

Current Families:

If you are currently enrolled in our program you do NOT need to fill out a Pre-Application Form. 

The BISON Office will be sending you an email in February 2020 with more information and a link to renew your scholarship online for the 2020-21 school year. 

If you are adding a sibling, you will have the ability to do that on your online re-qualification paperwork by clicking, “add a sibling.” 

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy McDonald.

The Catholic Elementary School Tuition Grant Program (CTGP)

2020-21 CTGP Form

The Catholic Elementary School Tuition Grant Program (CTGP) is offered to families who are confirmed “active parishioners” of a Diocese of Buffalo Parish without a school who enroll their child(ren) in a parish affiliated Catholic school in the Diocese of Buffalo. Families that meet the criteria for “active Parishioners” are considered our “Parishioners” for the purpose of school tuition charges, once the Parishioner Verification Form located on the last page is completed by the family, signed by their Parish Pastor and returned to the parish affiliated Catholic school. Families that do not meet the criteria of active parishioner will not qualify for the Tuition Grant and will be required to pay non-parishioner tuition rates. 

Families that would like to be eligible for CTGP must be registered Parishioners at a Diocese of Buffalo Parish that does not have its own Catholic elementary school. During each quarter, the family must meet the criteria for an “active Parishioner” to be eligible for the “Parishioner” tuition rate. The family must have their child(ren) registered at a Parish Catholic school. The parents of the student(s) should complete the Parishioner Verification Form, located on the last page of the booklet, and submit the form to be reviewed and signed by the pastor of the parish where they are registered. They must meet the criteria for an “active Parishioner” throughout the school year.  

If the family meets the criteria established for an “active Parishioner”, the pastor of their parish should sign the Parishioner Verification Form, retain the original document and send one copy of the form to the Catholic school where the child(ren) are registered and provide one copy to the family. The pastor will verify the family’s “active Parishioner” status by phone in the first week of December, March and June. 

For Enrolled Students 

St John's offers the following scholarships to returning students each year: 

"I am St. John's" Award: This award is given in memory of Carol Buczak. Carol dedicated many years of service to St. John’s parish and school while she was alive. The "I Am St. John’s" Award is granted to a 5th grade student registered for 6th grade in September who displays discipleship and service, treats his/her peers in a Christian manner, supports the school in extracurricular activities, shows a willingness to help, displays commitment to academics, and displays St. John’s School spirit. 

The Guardian Angel Award: This award is given in memory of Carol Buczak. Carol dedicated many years of service to St. John’s parish and school while she was alive. The Guardian Angel Award is given to a family that displays discipleship and service, supports his/her school in extracurricular involvement. The family demonstrated significant volunteer involvement in both the school and parish community and the children display a commitment to academics. 

Matthew Manicki Endowment Scholarship Fund: The Matthew Manicki Scholarship Fund was created in Memory of Matthew Manicki who graduated from St. John’s School in June of 1988. Matthew was the editor of the school paper, and was interested in creative writing. Writing short stories was one of his favorite past-time activities. This award is an opportunity to inspire creative writing in our 5th, 6th and 7th grade students. The award of a full tuition scholarship to St. John’s School for the coming year is given to the student who writes the best creative writing piece. 

Strong Catholic Christian Faith Award:The Strong Catholic Christian Faith Award is an award establishedIn Memory of S. Rita (Loughlin) Thielman by the Joe Blind family in memory of Valerie Blind’s mother. Each year two $500.00 tuition vouchers will be awarded to two students (one student in 3rd grade going into 4th grade and the other to a 6th grade student going into 7th grade). These students display discipleship and service to other, treat peers in a Christian manner, display love of learning by extracurricular reading and use of the Library, are committed to academics and display school spirit. 

Mark & Agnes Weisbeck Scholarship Award: This award was established by Thomas Weisbeck in memory of his parents, Mark & Agnes Weisbeck. A full tuition scholarship is given to one student entering Kindergarten to Grade 8 who treats others in Christian manner, displays commitment to academics, displays service to the school and community, and shows St. John’s School spirit. 


The Bielat Family Scholarships: The Bielat and Starwalt Families of Dunkirk, NY have chosen to expand to St. John the Baptist School, this year and provide four $250 Scholarships. The Bielat Family Scholarships were established three years ago, to honor beloved family members, Ignatius Bielat and his sister Lucille Bielat. 

Four individual scholarships will be awarded to students who will be returning to St. John the Baptist, for the 2019-2020 academic and faith-based school year. 

Scholarships will be accessed according to financial need and/or the quality of responses on the application.  Students will be able to use drawings, sentences, short paragraphs, or essays according to their grade level and academic skills, to best answer Bielat Family Scholarship questions.  

A $250 Tuition Scholarship will be awarded to four students who will be entering 1st – 7th grades. The applications must be submitted by 3:00 PM May 31st; applications will not be accepted after the deadline. The Scholarship winners will be announced at the Academic Awards Ceremony on June 17th, 2019. 

Completed applications should be given to Mrs. Johnson. For additional information, please contact Michele D. Starwalt at 716-467-1769 or by E-mail. 

FACTS Tuition Management 

St. John's School uses the services of FACTS Tuition Management. "FACTS provides flexible payment plan options to families at private and faith-based schools. Families can budget their tuition, making private school more accessible and affordable!" All tuition payments are handled through this management company; all Families must be enrolled and all tuition payments must be made through FACTS. 

This can be done online through the link below or by completing an online application in the School Office or the Parish Business Office. If enrolling online, please follow the link below to set up your account and payment plan! 

Please call the office at (716) 937-9483 if you have any questions! 

Enroll online:FACTS Tuition Enrollment 

St. John's 2020-21 Tuition Policy

FACTS Tuition Enrollment FAQ  

FACTS Tuition Management Benefits Info Page 

FACTS Tuition Payment Plan FAQ Info Page 




DID YOU KNOW? All volunteers are required to attend a local Protecting God's Children for Adults workshop, prior to assisting at any approved school activities. Once training is completed, VIRTUS online accounts must be kept current at all times. The diocese conducts routine audits, and it is paramount that our school comply with this regulation. 

What is VIRTUS? 

"VIRTUS is the brand name that identifies best practices programs designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote "right doing" within religious organizations. The VIRTUS programs empower organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church." 

Here is more information on "Protecting God's Children" from Buffalo's Diocesan website. 

What is a VIRTUS Program/Workshop? 

Please visit the VIRTUS Description page for more information! 

Volunteers attend a local seminar that presents on child abuse awareness topics, and then completes email bulletins each month, with regular, online re-certification. "...[T]raining requires an organization first to develop awareness through authoritative facilitator-led awareness sessions (preferably utilizing facilitators who are part of the organization). In-depth training is provided on a regular basis to reinforce the knowledge established in the initial facilitator-led training session and to introduce new points—particularly as the laws change. The best practice standard also requires frequent monitoring of the training to determine effectiveness. The VIRTUS programs meet and exceed the best practice standard." 


All volunteers are required to complete this training!  Please visit the VIRTUS website to pre-register for this important training if you will be volunteering in any capacity this school-year, and have not completed the training in the past.  As long as you stay current on the monthly email bulletins/online recertifications, you need only to attend a workshop once.  Workshops are available several times a week at other locations. 


Volunteers must also complete the form below to certify that training has been attended and should remain on file in the school office for the duration of the Student's attendance at St. John's.

VIRTUS Code of Conduct Agreement