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We are blessed to have a long tradition of Catholic Education here at St. John the Baptist School, dating back over 150 years, with a devoted Alumni that helps us continue our mission! That mission, as it has been for more than a century, is to provide a High Quality Academic Education within a Catholic Environment, within our larger community. Our small class sizes make it easier to help each child reach their fullest potential on an individual level!

For a more individualized experience with an emphasis on Family, St. John’s Alden is an educational value. Yet, we know that making this choice can sometimes be financially difficult. We wholeheartedly believe that it is an investment in your child’s future, in developing their “whole self” – which will help prepare them greatly for the world, but also help them to impact our world for the better!

Our school offers very competitive rates in the WNY area; we’re an affordable alternative with excellent small class size advantages. Please talk confidentially with our School Principal, Mrs. Johnson about any financial challenges you might have that may be a determining factor in joining our School Family here at St. John’s!

St. John’s School Alden 2021-2022 Tuition & Fee Policy 

Our School Family works together in this goal! We’re in this together. So, in addition to the stated tuition and fees, we ask that your family in Pre-K-4 to Grade 8 complete at least a minimum of thirty (30) hours of active participation  in our school. We have a variety of fundraising events and/or other designated school-promoting activities,a nd this commitment is expected of each family enrolled (ten (10) hours for families in Pre-K 3). This involvement in school activities is not only an essential service for the school, but also helps to foster a sense of community within our School Family!

There are so many ways you can help – from events, to specific needs for the School. You can help out all at once to help coordinate and execute a single event, or a little at a time over the School Year! Should a family choose not to participate in this service requirement, a $300 non-activity fee for K-8 families and $100 non-activity fee for Pre-K families will be added to the tuition charge in June. Families who complete less than the required hours will be billed for the remaining balance of their hours in June.

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