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Uniform Policy

Students are expected to be in complete and proper uniform each school day. This is just one of the ways that both parents and the school teach students the importance of following school rules and developing responsibility in each child. Please see the full policy below for specific details and compliance. 

Full Uniform Policy 2021-2022  (Also, view the handy Quick-Reference Visual Graphics for Uniforms below!)

Dress Uniforms  are worn on non-gym days. (All Students wear a Gym Uniform on Gym Days). The specifics for all uniforms are outlined in the policy above and can be seen in the guides below. New Dress Uniform pieces can be purchased at any store you can find each piece.

  • It’s very convenient to shop at Flynn O’Hara by ordering online to ship to your home. Some items (girls’ skirts and jumpers) can only be purchased through this store or found at our Used Uniform Swap in August (or ask the Office about used uniform pieces!).
  • Other pieces – dress shirts, polo shirts, belts, ties, socks, shoes, navy pants – can be purchased at any store (popular places to find uniform pieces are Target, Wal-Mart, Lands’ End, French Toast, Amazon, JC Penney, Old Navy, The Children’s Place) as long as they are of the specific kind (see the full policy above for kinds of collars, no cargo pants, etc). 
  • Or, find basic pieces at School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger. Here is how to order from Tommy Hilfiger.
  • NOTE! Pre-K 3/4 Students do not wear uniforms, but should be sent in sneakers every day. Kindergarten Students (Early and Regular) DO  wear uniforms, but can also wear sneakers any day of the week.


Gym Uniforms are worn on gym days, and the pieces can only be ordered through the school or Flynn O’Hara (see below for info!).

Quick Reference Guides (click on each for a larger image)

Girls’ Uniforms:

Boys’ Uniforms:

Gym Uniforms

St. John’s School requires all students in grade K-8 to wear a gym uniform on gym days.  The uniform consists of a St. John’s branded navy t-shirt, shorts, sweatpants and sweatshirt only.  Please note :The gym uniform cannot not include any “Spirit and Pride” clothing or Class T-shirts.  These uniforms may only be purchased through the school and replacement clothing can be ordered at any time throughout the school year – just print the Gym Uniform Order Form below and send in to the School Office with payment.

Students must wear their gym uniforms on gym days. During winter, Students must wear their shorts under their sweatpants; this eliminates the need for changing which increases class time.  Nov-March, sweatshirts and sweatpants are required due to cold weather.  The rest of the year, those 2 pieces are optional. Gym sweatshirts can be worn over any uniform any day of the week, all year.

School Office Gym Uniform Order Form
(return form to the school office with payment, order is fulfilled through C-Shore Designs) 

Flynn O’Hara SJS Branded Gym Uniforms 
(scroll to bottom of our School’s page on their site for K-8 Gym Uniforms, directly mail-order through their website. (NOTE: These items are a **different material and fit** than the above clothing from C-Shore Designs)

Used Uniform Swap

The annual Used Uniform Swap is held in August at our  annual Welcome Back Picnic!

Please visit our Facebook Page for more information on this year’s swap.

This is a cost-effective way to trade in your good condition uniform pieces for larger sizes for your growing kids! New families can look for pieces without a trade-in; come and see what we have before you shop!

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